If you are going to be involved in a real estate transaction, especially if you are relocating here to the Sunshine state or residing in another state, protect yourself by understanding the laws as they pertain to Florida. It is not a requirement to hire an attorney for a real estate transaction in Florida, but it is always highly recommended! West Palm Beach title insurance attorneys of Glenn & Phanco, P.A. will play a vital role in advising you on all aspects of your transaction. Not only will we protect you from financial losses, but we provide in-depth legal review and explanations about the important transaction documents you are required to sign. We will also point out any potential issues that could jeopardize your deal or cause you a loss in the future.

Our firm will counsel and represent you on the following items:

  • Listing agreement and brokerage fees
  • Preliminary negotiations
  • Details of the purchase contract
  • Mortgage, financing commitment, and review of loan document and lender’s policies
  • Property title search, review, resolving and eliminating title issues
  • Estoppel request and review
  • Survey services
  • Drafting of agreements and documentation
  • Closing, escrow, recording, and filing services
  • Options for in-office, in-home, or mobile closings

Every real estate transaction is unique. As your real estate lawyers we can handle complicated transactions and draft documents that a title company may not even be aware are necessary to complete the closing. We are also able to effectively work with lenders to satisfy issues and liens on the property. Our attorneys always work diligently to avoid any delays in closing.

Because the cost of title insurance is set by Florida statue, you can be assured that the experienced title insurance attorneys in West Palm Beach, FL of Glenn & Phanco, P.A., will handle your needs at the same cost as any title insurance company. In many cases, we may be able to save you money! By working with Glenn & Phanco, P.A. you will benefit by having an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer personally dedicated to your title search and closing, while focusing solely on protecting your best interests!

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The Title Search Process

Before you can purchase title insurance, you must have a title search performed to determine if there are any issues or problems that can impact the sale or the value of the property. Those issues can include:

  • Public records – that bring ownership
    of the property into question.
  • Liens – that were not known or disclosed.
  • Questions – regarding the deed, legality
    of last transaction, or legitimacy of seller as owner.
  • Heirs – who may have a claim on the property.
  • Limitations – on land use or easements on the property.
  • Back taxes – litigation, or other financial encumbrances.
  • Federal – tax liens.

These issues must be Identified and completely resolved before you purchase your property and before you can obtain title insurance.

Title insurance will protect you and your investment should anyone ever challenge your ownership or interest in a property. This insurance can compensate you for the value of your equity if there is a newly discovered problem with the title to your property. It can also help pay your legal costs should your ownership of a property ever be in dispute.

You will likely have more questions about title searches and title insurance. We understand that safeguarding what may be your biggest investment should never be taken for granted. The title insurance attorneys in West Palm Beach, FL of Glenn & Phanco, P.A. will go over all of the details with you and tell you about the difference types of title insurance appropriate for your needs, as well as explain all of the steps in the closing process. We have years of experience working with those who are purchasing property in Florida, and we strive to make sure your real estate transaction goes smoothly.

Importance of Having Your Own Title Search Lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL

Glenn & Phanco, P.A. works hard to protect the interests of our clients. As buyers, you need to have the individual attention of an experienced law firm to work on your behalf to obtain title searches, lien searches, and title insurance. We will protect your interests throughout every step of your property purchase. Call us today to discuss your upcoming real estate transaction and you will receive the attention and expertise you deserve.